Social Media Marketing ServicesMPower Marketing Solutions provides Social Media Marketing integration to your website and email campaigns. We can provide Share-To-Social integration tools, Social Link Sharing and RSS feeds to support connectivity between your company social websites and your business website.

Social Media isn’t just a fad useful for catching up with old friends and tracking down old classmates. We have personally experienced opportunity by networking on Facebook and other social networking websites. Recently while spending time on a clients Facebook page, I received an instant message from someone wanting to know what Ferrari 360’s were in stock. I was able to pass that prospect onto our client sales professional who is currently working on locating him a Ferrari. 




Social Media Share Package

Integration of share links so clients or prospects can share your website information or products on their social media sites. Includes establishing content feeds to your social media websites. (call for quote)

Here are some statistics regarding Social Media websites:

You can't afford to dismiss using social media any longer. Your customers are spending time using social media websites and other social media tools to talk about your products and services. Sitting on the sidelines and not engaging in this virtual conversation and taking the opportunity to build relationships will result in being left behind.