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The iPhone application icon generator is a free tool to create iPhone-like favicons, apple-touch-icon png's, and .ico files for use in windows. Upon uploading your image and selecting the icon options, you will be shown a preview of the image as well as a zip file containing the following;

  • 256x256 PNG image with transparent background. (for any use)
  • 60x60 PNG image for use as a apple-touch-icon. (iPhone & iTouch)
  • An ICO image file with transparent background for use as a favicon for your website or to use as a windows icon for anything you desire. (icon sizes up to 256x256 are included in .ico file)
  • A readme.txt file showing the proper implementation of the favicons for both normal web browsers and the iPhone/iPod Touch browsers.
Lets Gets Started

Recently, with the advent of the iPod Touch, Apple updated thier devices to allow users to add website links to their home screen. Officially called 'WebClip Bookmarks' by Apple, these home screen icons are created by taking a thumbnail screenshot of your current view on that website. Pretty cool, but... Soon enough, they all look the same and you are identifying them by their label text instead of the icon. But Apple has provided web site owners the ability to specify an icon to be used in-place of the screenshot. The implementation is simple. When the iPhone's browser visits a page, it will look for a file in the root of the site called apple-touch-icon.png.

You can also explicity specify which icon should be used when the iPhone's browser visits your site by specifying a 'link' tag in the head portion of the page's html. This implementation is very similiar to the favicon.ico usage. Here is the proper usage of the iPhone /iPod Touch LINK element:

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/custom-icon-name.png" />

The original Favicon was a Windows resource file which included a 16x16 pixel image. Today, with Vista and Windows 7, the .ico format can display an icon up to 256x256 pixels. This tool will create an icon that is compatible for windows xp, vista, and 7. Of course you can always use the images included and create your own.

The favicon is a small icon which helps to brand your website visually. The icon will often appear in the browser's title or url. When a visitor bookmarks your site or otherwise creates a shortcut/link to it, your icon will replace the default one used by the browser or os (in case of adding to a windows desktop)

You can use pretty much any web compatible image format to enable this feature and often developers will use a .png for its transparency benefits. The recommended file format is still .ico however and offers some benefits over .png when used in this context. As an .ico file, your windows visitors will have the best integration when linking to your site.

Many browsers will automatically display the icon if you simply have a file named favicon.ico in the root of the website. You can specify a different filename and/or location by using one of the following link elements.

For .ico :
<link rel="icon" type="image/vnd.microsoft.icon" href="/somepath/image.ico" />
For .gif :
<link rel="icon" type="image/gif" href="/somepath/image.gif" />
For .png :
<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="/somepath/image.png" />
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