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Email Marketing

Are you staying connected with customers, members and prospects?

Email Marketing has proven to be the most cost effective, preferred method of communication in today’s busy marketplace. 70% of the business professionals check their inbox more than seven times per day and spend nearly one hour per day managing email accounts. Direct Marketing Association research showed that email marketing generated $43.62 for every dollar spent in 2009.  Transitioning to email marketing from the traditional methods is an effective way to create more ROI on your advertising dollars spent. Use of email newsletters and email campaigns have a proven track record on keeping companies top-of-mind with their customers.

Email Marketing is powerful:

  • Email marketing allows you to build relationships with potential customers and provides greater retention and increased sales with current customers.
  • Email marketing can be monitored, analyzed and provide you the opportunity to improve your ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Increases website traffic by getting customers to return to you website.
  • It can help you get your customers engaged with your business.

If you are looking to transition from the traditional methods of reaching your clients or prospects to a more cost effective approach email marketing is the right choice.  Investing in setting up a process to build an email database, create / send email campaigns and track results will be a profitable Internet marketing strategy. MPower Marketing Solutions has been assisting clients with developing Email Marketing strategies for over 7 years and providing complete Email Marketing Services.  Call 417-619-3269 or Email us today to find out how we can become an extension of your marketing team by managing or setting up your Email Marketing program.


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Includes: account setup and importing your email list, creation and sending first email campaign. For more information visit our Email Marketing Services page.




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Email Campaign Management


If your company has an email list, but no time to come up with content or campaigns for an email newsletter. We provide complete managment services for Email Marketing. List setup, list management, campaign development, branded email newsletters, send and tracking management.

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